Secret Mountain Picnics

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Micro Wedding

With Us

Secret Mountain Picnics held in our beautiful mountain botanic garden are just one of the many beautiful micro-wedding venues available around the state. If you have an adventurous spirit then a Colorado wedding is for you!

This isn’t a typical wedding by any means. This is a luxury outdoor secret mountain picnic experience.

Don’t be fooled by the name: This is so much more than just a picnic…This is an intimate and lavish experience sure to never be forgotten by you or your guests!


Secret Mountain Picnic Weddings can host up to 16 people for your intimate wedding or reception without additional zoning or licensing fees. Larger parties will need to join our large events waitlist, as we only hold 4 large events per year in our mountain botanic gardens.

Please communicate any changes at least 1 week before your event. Wedding deposits of $1000 or less are non-refundable.
Micro-wedding pricing starts at $2800

Suddenly, your voice Calling out my name. I call yours. The echoes take us To the heart of the mountains. When the silence closes, You say: Now that they Have called our names back The mountains can Never forget us.

- John O'Donohue

Services Provided

We can handle nearly everything for your big day, in addition to providing you with a beautiful and one-of-a-kind venue. We strive to use local service partners to ensure we’re making the most difference in our mountain community and lessening the impact on our environment.

We can provide services like:

flowers, wedding, romantic-4004190.jpg

Flowers and Flower Displays

finger food, party spiess, meal-2926889.jpg

Catering (food trucks, 3-course meals, charcuterie, and more!)

gift, parcel, surprise-548296.jpg


happy birthday, balloons, celebrate-1869269.jpg

Balloon Displays and Paper Lanterns*

happy birthday, ferrero rocher cake, cake-3960005.jpg



fire, flame, heat-3792951.jpg

Propane fire pit(s)*

candles, church, light-2628575.jpg


flowers, floral arrangement, flower vase-4410990.jpg


(*depends on fire danger level)

In addition to hand-selecting the ingredients, decor, and finishing touches for your special day, Secret Mountain Picnic hosts are dedicated to the details. We’ll provide as many or as few additions to your event as you’d like. All you need to do is show up in your suit and gown with your vows, written! 

Let your special day be stress-less in the mountains with Secret Mountain Picnics and Reserve Now.

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