Secret Mountain Picnics

About Secret Mountain Picnics

We started asking ourselves and our community how we could responsibly use our mountain property, while minimizing the long term impacts to the land, and encouraging native plants to flourish. We want to share the natural beauty our setting provides, while at the same time we can share what we’re learning about the Rocky Mountains. There is some new freedom in exploring how to use the plants that surround us: for medicinal, edible, and holistic purposes. The romance of a luxury picnic is not a new idea, but when thinking of how to host events we aligned with giving people an opportunity to gather in small groups comfortably without pandemic restrictions. Bringing all these concepts together seemed like the perfect challenge for us: And so, Secret Mountain Picnics were born.

Our Picnics are All Inclusive - All You Do is Show Up

We hand select all the ingredients and beverages for your special picnic, and can almost always accommodate special requests or dietary restrictions.

The Most Special Elopement or Engagement

Pre or post-ceremony, our secluded location is the perfect way for couples to share an intimate moment.

Our Picnics Support Local Businesses

Secret Mountain Picnics are focused on showcasing the best Colorado has to offer, which is why all our add-ons for florals, food, and more are sourced from our favorite local businesses.

Epic Board and Staff Retreats

Looking for a business meeting location or team building adventure close to Denver? We can provide the perfect backdrop and cover everything from setup to facilities and catering.

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